As requested under the Accès-Logis program of the SHQ, the CHC has established a Selection Committee to determine future residents.

Selection Committee (Role and members)


  • Study the requirements required by the SHQ for the admissibility of people to our residence.
  • Establish a grid of criteria to help select residents
  • Recommend to the Board the list of eligible residents according to the criteria
  • Complete the forms required for residency certification


  • Claude Gervais
  • Daniel Fournier
  • Paul Landry


To be eligible, a person must meet certain mandatory criteria and others that are optional or desirable. The selection process will take place in a strictly confidential manner. This process will be guided by a point system approved in advance by the SHQ and the members of the CHC Board.

Examples of points (Several other criteria will be developed following the study of the selection committee).

Applicant Place of residence Chelsea Place of residence Lapêche Place of  residence Gatineau Age 75 to 84 Age 85+ Other … Total
M. Lejeune 8 9 2 19
M. Smith 4 9 2 15
Mme. L’Espérance 10 10 1 21
M. Larivière 10 9 4 23
Mme. Sourire 8 10 3 21


To be eligible, a person must complete the « Reservation request » form and:

  • Option 1; scan and send to:
  • Option 2; deliver in person to a member of the C.A.
  • Option 3; send by mail to: Corporation Habitation Chelsea, 100 ch. Old Chelsea, QC J9B 1C1

Download reservation request form